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Michael VanValkenburg's Erector Battleship

Michael writes: " The movie last night (12-15-02) prompted me to 'get the lead out' and mail this one to you. Near the end of the movie, in the War Dept. or Congress when the models were being carried in, I'm sure I saw the masts of this battleship. On page 154 in Greenburgs Guide, there is a photo of the 1920 Erector Battleship, that's where I started. I made this up for the show in New Haven, the hull is all Mysto Type I parts, the deck is made of aluminum MFs and MNs that were cut to shape. I don't usually alter parts this way, but I got a bunch that were really bent up, not being one to throw something out, they found a home here. I used a mix of Type I and II parts, kind of what I felt looked good. You could keep adding little things all over a model like this, but after a while you lose sight of what you were trying to build, so I left it as it is. I really shows off the difference in the TI vs TII eras. One little kid at the show asked me if it would float..."