Michael VanValkenburg's No. 8 Zeppelin

Michael writes: " When I started getting back into Erector 2+ years ago, I didn't think the sets and models before my time (late 50's) would interest me ... boy was I wrong. I have found them to be quite involved, well thought out for 70+ years ago. I'm hooked. I had it in my head for a while that a Zeppelin would fit right in under that beam [in the photo], I bid on a few sets, you know how high they go. I decided that separate parts was the way to go if all you wanted was the model to display.

The cover came from Joel Perlin, it's a little dark, but the ones I have seen (originals) are 70 years old. I hope to live long enough to see it fade. I had to write Joel and ask about the holes for the gondola struts - he said you just cut them as in the originals. I could just see a kid years ago with a jack knife slicing holes in a cover till it lined up - it's a wonder any survived at all. My cousin's wife is an expert seamstress, she used a fine thread in the same color and sewed 1" long button holes where I marked to cover. They hardly show and should stop rips. The metal parts are originals from Wagners, I bought 1 HK formed girder, 1 HI strut & 1 HG nose cap and made my own copies to save a few bucks. The only plan I had was the parts pictures from Al Sternagle's book. I don't know if the Zeppelin manual would have helped, the parts pictures show the basic frame. Its hung with monofilament line, hardly shows at all. I wonder how many kids built these and sailed them off a roof to simulate the Hindenberg?"