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Orion Dreamdancer's Meccano Car Carrier

Orion writes: "[This is] a Meccano Car Carrier built from the 70's #9 manual, with one Steel Tec and two Merkur cars as load. This was a fun model to build, and I made very few changes from the original design. The steering works very well, with idler arm and tiebar...albeit from the left side of the cab. And the lifting mechanism uses a screwed rod, driving a coupling with the attached arms to raise the upper deck. The design worked very well as far as stopping points, as it travels all the way down to meet the other ramp for loading, and "runs out of travel" at the point where it's level across the top.

One thing that I would have tried to do is make it a little more sturdy for carring around, as the sides are very long runs of flex sheets, supported by some hole strips and bracing. But it could have used much more bracing and a/g's in my opinion. Oh well, with Meccano you had to get pretty high in the food chain to get a very good assortment of angle girders, and basically no flat girders until the illustrious and almost un-obtainable Number 10. The cars in the load on top are a Merkur M010 model, LE Steel Tech Vette, and a M016 Merkur buggy minus a couple of parts."