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Orion Dreamdancer's Meccano Watt's Beam Engine

Orion writes: "I was very pleased (finally) with the workings of the model. It all ran smooth as silk EXCEPT for the motor unit and gearing attached to it. I'm probably going to keep this up for a while, only taking the ER15 out and reworking everything from the motor to the first sprocket. The motor was really laboring and I noticed some fair arching at the brushes. My train transformers may not be supplying enough power either, about the most I could measure when running was 12-13v DC. I couldn't get the first stage/shaft to ever run as smoothly as everything else; I believe that part of my problem is the worm/pinion combination couldn't be adjusted quite right, and had too much slop in the bearings, but I was trying to stay fairly true to the original model plan.

The architraves for the bearings of the Beam shaft were flagrantly plagerized from Mr. Inglis' model he sent me a picture of, who I also owe thanks for the excellent n/p channel segments for the flywheel. The flywheel was my own design, but no doubt has been done many times this way before...I just probably re-invented the wheel :-) I liked the way the old models use strips instead of flex-plates in things such as the boiler, so came out with a reasonable looking one even though I didn't bend all the short strips for it like the plan suggests.

I was super pleased the way the governer worked, even though I couldn't bring myself to cutting up my only spring cord and used black recent vintage Meccano string. Valves etc mechanically worked well also, even though I though at first I'd never get them adjusted right to keep the slop/twist in the long shaft coming down from spoiling the effect. It is possible to get them centered up though and "playing off each other" so that the downshaft doesn't "agitate" back and forth when working, and looks SO much better when fixed.

Ok, so I'm pleased with my first major (for me :-) Meccano only model after my accumulation of the 10 set parts... Thanks all who helped, having much fun now... "