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Robert Hinman's Erector-Built Cable Excavator Truck

Robert writes: "This is a model of a cable excavator that I operated and maintained when I was a teen. I used three homemade P55 motors (compact design). The excavator operates off of two of the motors up top for the winches, and a motor under the hood for the turntable/drive/steering. I used two solenoids to shift the truck motor between the functions. This is something I dreamed up to push what I could do with the three motors I fabricated and two solenoids. I am not very pleased with how the steering functions; however, I am amazed it worked for the video. I have differentials in the axles which worked great with one axle, but with two driven in tandem, it doesn't steer well. I think a dump body would go on the truck nicely, but that project will have to wait for next winter."