Doc's Gilbert Erector Amusement Park Radar Scanner

Hi folks, Doc here. Here's another addition to my "Radar Series", one of the tallest of all the radar models. The dish rotates atop the tower, but is fixed in terms of its attitude, i.e., it does not tilt.

It uses essentially the same dish configuration as the Satellite Tracker model which I have presented here previously: two concentric rings of E curved girders bolted to C girder "spokes"; at the center of the dish the spokes bolt to hub made from a BN turret plate. Similarly, as with most of the models in this series, it utilizes the "No. 11" slow speed vertical drive train configuration of the A49 motor: CJ 36-tooth gear, 2 P48 mitre gears and the MZ bearing block. In order to transfer the rotation of the motor to the top of the tower, a J 41-hole strip and an I 21-hole strip are bolted together and connected between the vertical shaft supported by the bearing block and the axle bolted to the dish.

The supporting tower is a fairly simple construction of flat and angle girders, with angled crossmembers added for strength. About halfway up, the tower changes from straight to tapered. An MY square base plate is attached to the upper end of the tapered section, and a T boiler and BN turret plate are bolted to the MY plate. Another BN plate is set into the top of the boiler; this forms the surface on which the dish rotates. The dish itself is bolted to a third BN plate using CH angles; a 21-hole strip secures the dish and fixes the angle of tilt. A BT pierced disk is also bolted to the BN plate, and a long axle secured into the BT passes though the upper and lower BN plates on the boiler and through the center hole in the MY base plate. This axle is joined to the motor assembly as described above. Because the model as depicted in the manual turned out to be somewhat top heavy, I bolted the final assembly to a large base platform to provide stability. Otherwise, the finished model is identical to the original.