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Doc's Type I Erector Low Speed Trimmer

Hi folks, Doc here. James Harrington of Chicago, IL was awarded 26th prize in the Gilbert Prize Contest (1919?) for this model, a "Low Speed Trimmer", or milling machine. While James opted to go with a manual (crank) drive for his model, the Erector motor could easily be substituted for the crank.

In this design, the the crank turns a series of pulley/wheel combinations which are belted together. The final pulley/wheel assembly is located on a horizontal axle near the bottom of the trimmer. At the other end of this axle is a small P13 pinion gear which turns a P12 crown gear on a vertical axle. This in turn rotates the work itself, which is mounted on a large circular plate at the top of the vertical axle. The cutters are suspended from a crossmember above the work; note James' clever use of T-clips for the cutter tips.

This was an easy and fun model to build, and fun to operate.