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Vincent Athas's Meccano-Erector Rotating Bridge

Vincent writes: "Here is a model I made out of a contemporary Erector-Meccano set that's on the market right now. The set I have is a 037080 "Special 100 Anniversary Set", part of the same special edition line as the "Train Special Edition Set" featured in your Model Gallery. It is composed of both metal and plastic pieces, the plastic pieces being pulleys (with the exception of two 3" pulleys which are metal) and small cylinders used mostly for encasing screws and creating space between metal components connected by the screw. The only disappointment was the complete and total absence of toothed gears in the set. All machines are run by pulleys.

One of the models built from the manual of this set was this rotating bridge with a manually powered crank. The construction was relatively easy. Between the two large 3" pulleys guiding the bridge are short plastic cylinders that act as bearings. Behind the turn crank is a small black rubber pulley like the one connected by the rubber belt to the 3" pulleys. Clear and flexible rubber washers placed at the end of each axle keep them in position. The pathway of the rotating part of the bridge is composed of a flanged plate, three 15 hole girders and two 19 hole ones."