Zach and Davis Smith's Erector Hammerhead Crane

Zach writes: "My name is Zach Smith. I am 10 yrs old and my Dad helped me build this model using my 1949 10½ Amusement Park Set from Erector. It took us about a week of evenings to complete. The motor is set up in the #10 configuration and we followed the model plan that came with my set. We did make a few modifications here and there. The A47 motor is lighter than the A49 used in the stock model so we added a ballast box to the rear of the crane for balance. We also added some x bracing to each end of the center box for strength. The electromagnet is powered by a 14.5 Volt A/C transformer and we used a custom knife switch to operate it. This crane is a large model, it works quite well and has been alot of fun to build and play with. I hope you enjoy the pictures."